We were appointed by Goldsmiths to help the 200 year old retailer drive growth in a category dominated by heavy promotion and discounting. We needed something that got us away from the “dazzling diamonds” rhetoric and rampant BOGOF deals that were ruling the high street jewellers. 

The new proposition –‘It starts with Goldsmiths’–was designed to put emotive storytelling at the heart of brand and work across all product categories and consumer segments. 

This brand idea was translated into a new visual signature and tone of voice, and rolled out across packaging, stores, advertising, digital content and direct mail.


Retail Jeweller Brand Overhaul 2014

Increased jewellery sales by 9%

Increase watch sales by 22%

Brand consideration was 5% higher than competitors

Goldsmiths ranked 10% higher than the rest of the sector for ‘Luxury’



Brand Strategy