All Boobs Welcome: a big and bold campaign we created for Tu to rejoice in our fine nation’s knockers

The campaign forms part of Tu’s overarching ‘Be You’ purpose and builds on the previous campaign ‘Denim For Every Body’ which aimed to make all women feel comfortable in their jeans. Given that just 56% of women describe their breasts in a positive way, this campaign was designed with positivity at the heart, and encouraged women to embrace their bodies as they are.

It’s a sad fact that advertising is way out of touch with what women want, especially when it comes to bras. Our research showed a mighty 71% of women felt typical lingerie advertising appealed to men: we knew it was time to get real. So we flipped it and created a campaign that celebrates ‘normal’ boobs - no matter what shape or size they come. From our all female Portas team, to the cast of real women and our all female shoot and film crew – this campaign is exactly as it should be. All women. And all boobs welcome.