We have been working with Liberty to hone their brand aesthetic and tone-of-voice – balancing their arts and crafts heritage with a sense of modern luxury – as well as transforming their editorial content and printed magazine, which is part of the Liberty Loyalty CRM programme.

The resulting work, whilst broad in its mix (photographic, editorial, illustrative, digital and printed), is a signature brand handwriting that reflects the core essence of the Liberty brand.

As Liberty is known for housing niche luxury brands that customers haven’t yet discovered – from Maria Tash piercing to Frederic Malle perfume – our approach has been to use storytelling to bring these brands to life.



Art Direction
Magazine Design
Content Creation


The latest in this work is the summer 2018 beauty magazine and is all about putting colour at the heart of the Liberty Beauty experience - from the design of the book itself, to the products it features, to the in-store experience. We worked with emerging, creative talent to explore and position colour in way that would be relevant to the Liberty customer - transmitting colour and light across the book highlighting fragrance, make-up, nails and skin, making it centre piece to the book design, the creative shoots, our founder profiles and new product launches.

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Pages from Liberty_Beauty2018_Spreads.jpg
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Founder profile series