We were appointed by Liberty to editorialise their CRM programme and support the retailers’ key brands. Inspired by the brand's long association with craft and artistry, we’ve applied a whole new approach to customer communications.

Our first work – a Jewellery and a Fragrance magazine for Liberty Loyalty clients – was the highest performing direct mail in Liberty’s history and led to the opportunity to produce their first ever Beauty DM.  Working with founders, insiders and artists, the Liberty Beauty magazine interprets beauty outside ‘the norm’ and demonstrates Liberty’s authority as beauty curator.

Mary Portas | Portas Agency | Liberty London


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Mary Portas | Portas Agency | Liberty London

Made to challenge ‘the norm’ of beauty marketing, in Liberty’s pages we celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and point blank refused to retouch imperfections – every gorgeous wrinkle and dimple stayed put. It’s a bold and brave statement in an industry of polish and perfection.

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We collaborated with four artists to re-create make-up looks as portraits using actual beauty products such as highlighter and blusher. The artists involved include Marco de Rae, Gill Button, Christina BanBan and Rob Philips, and the portraits were featured in an in-store exhibition.

"We believe print still has a value to our customer – that special moment when you can pour over great stories and maybe learn something you didn’t know before about a brand or a process" 
-Madeleine Macey, Brand & Communications Director at Liberty London