Louis Vuitton approached us to consult on the creation of their flagship store on Bond Street and challenged us to reconnect with London insiders and develop the most talked about store launch of the year.

We redefined luxury in the 21st century through an unprecedented pincer movement of art and education. We created a retail space like no other taking customers on a journey through the brand’s history.

We developed a unique brand experience by commissioning London artists to curate exhibitions and installations in the space to ensure on-going interest, and created a long term partnership with London’s top art institutions through a young persons education program.



Brand strategy
Events & Experiential
Influencer marketing


£2 million AVE launch event concluding with a duet from Grace Jones and Marc Jacobs down the middle of the dining table


Although the launch event took A-list guests and journalists on an immersive journey for one night only it is still talked about today and the relationship with London artists is an ongoing platform that continues to spark the interest of London’s style insiders and experts.

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