For 70 years, Sportsgirl has been the voice of Australian youth. As such it’s Sportsgirl’s job to bring issues that are central to young women today into the limelight.

Over 50% of Aussie girls feel worried about being different; over 65% feel worried about their body; and over 70% feel worried about their future.

With Be That Girl, the aim was to launch a platform that takes a moment to celebrate the amazing stories of unique girls in the hope that it inspires every Australian girl to be whoever they want to be.


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Mary Portas | Portas Agency | Liberty London

The creative features 12 girls from all walks of life – Paralympians, transgender, politicians, artists, dancers, scientists, TV presenters... all of whom are featured unretouched in the creative that is now live in Sportsgirl stores across Australia and on all of their channels as well as in roadside rock posters and on