Building on Tu’s ‘All Boobs Welcome’ campaign (remember the one that rejoiced in the diversity of the nation’s knockers, one boob at a time?) well, our latest campaign for Tu launched their Holiday Shop Collection with an upbeat and inclusive campaign that celebrated all bodies.

A little context: we all know that feeling when summer comes around. Warmer weather often means wearing less and exposing more skin. The harsh reality is, a lot of women dread summer dressing and we found out that 92% of UK women have at least one ‘I hate my body’ moment during the summer. And 87% of women said that feeling negative about their bodies actually stopped them from wearing an item of clothing they loved in the summer.

Tu believe that body hang-ups shouldn’t stop any woman from looking and feeling her best in the summer: enter Tu's Summer of Love Yourself.

The women in this campaign dance like nobody’s watching and celebrate their bodies wholeheartedly, this is about not letting your body hang-ups hold you back from feeling free and wearing whatever you want to this summer. This is about loving yourself.