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Hear our founder Mary talk about her new book
'Shop Girl'

March 2015


Come and hear our founder Mary talk about her life in retail and the publication of her memoirs, Shop Girl, at the Southbank Centre on 26 March.

Mary Portas is known as a retail consultant, television personality, government advisor and high street champion. Take your seat for the 'colourful, camp and unexpectedly heart-rending' tales of her childhood and teenage years.


It's a journey from Britain in the 1970s, where curry comes in a box marked Vesta, to the bitchy fashion glamour of Harrods in the 1980s where Mary, Queen of Shops was born.

Find out who the woman behind Britain's most famous bob really is, and learn about the tragedy that made her appreciate and value community.


Portas launches Westfield ‘Future Fashion’ campaign

Spring / Summer 2015

To celebrate the launch of spring summer 2015, Westfield will partner with Inition to host Future Fashion – an immersive pop-up experience at Westfield London and Stratford City, which will present a brand new way of experiencing the season’s trends through technology.

A series of digital fashion experiences will take visitors on a journey through the season’s most covetable trends: Denim, Floral and Future Modern – through virtual reality and avatars.

In a world first, Westfield visitors will have the opportunity to ‘fly’ into the world of fashion. Using a combination of Virtual Reality headsets with gesture tracking technology – which allows users to see their own hands within the virtual world – you will be able to interact with virtual characters, fly through the landscape and mix and match the different trends within a completely fantastical space.

Portas Future Fashion

This will allow every user to have a unique experience, making them a director in their own conceptual fashion journey.